About Nobalaa

Nobalaa Company for book (LLC) is a company that works on marketing, publishing and distribution. It’s an institution that concerned with books in particular, established in  1986 where it was and still contain a special library that are leader in marketing of a scientific books in the field of history, heritage and Islamic science with more than four thousand book.

For decades, Nobalaa Company for book (LLC)– library branch committed to cover all the needs for cities inside the Kingdom and provide scientific, specialized and valuable books that made a library a destination for student, professors and researcher in Islamic science and heritage.

Nobalaa Company for book (LLC) provides a lot of important publication on its name in various scientific and literary fields. As it also contributed to the enrichment inside and outside the Kingdom with books.

Nobalaa Company for book (LLC) grows severed scientific projects through its Islamic scientific center. And give a lot in scientific research and a lot of certified reports have been followed in much scientific council.

The secret of our excellence

Due to the availability of the scientific center and specialized library that contain distinctive and specialized books, and the accumulated experience that helped every student and researcher by guiding them and make all books and information available, reliable and accessible.

Nobalaa Company for book (LLC) seeks by its experts to diverse its products and services to serve all categories and meet the all the needs of its customer by providing a section for office supplies, tools to develop learning and innovation skills and other product related to world of children, in addition to the projects that company offered, as example the project of providing space to display products of other companies, and the project of preparing a digital library.

Our partners

Nobalaa Company for book (LLC) possess a lot of collaborative relationships with other institutions inside and outside the Kingdom, the most important of it is publishing and distribution houses and other libraries.

Outside the Kingdom of Morocco

   * Lebanon:  Dar Ibn Hazm – Dar al-Kuttab al-Elmyaa – Dar al-Bashaer Islamic – Dar Ibn Katheer – Dar al-Yamamah – Dar al-Maarifah – Dar al-Kalam al-Tayeb – Konoz Ishbilya – Al – Resala Publishers – Dar Al Qalam

   * Egypt:  Islamic Library – Dar Ibn Al-Jawzi – Dar Ibn Rajab – Dar Al-Iman – Dar Al-Basira – Maktabt and Dar Al-Sahaba – Dar Al-Taqwa – Dar Al-Safa – Maktabat Awlad al-Shiekh- Dar al-Salam

 * Saudi Arabia:  Dar al-Tawhid – Library of Science and Governance – Dar al-Ma’arif – Dar al-Nafaes – Dar Ibn Affan – Dar al-Manhaj – Dar Teeba – Dar al-Tadmaria – Dar al-Asimah – Dar alsameiu – adwa’ alsalaf

Within the Kingdom of Morocco

Al-Husna Library – Maktabt al-Hadaya- Dar Al-Resalah – Maktabt al-Salam al-Jadeda – Al-dar Al-alamyah for books –  Al-Rashad Modern House – Dar Al-silmii Al-haditha