Pens, leaflets, posters, envelopes, packaging and sealing solutions and supplies

• pens
• Pencils and markers
• Paper
• Posters
• Envelopes
• wrapping paper
• Circles and their variants
• Shears
• Knife open envelopes
• Glues and adhesives
• The condenser
• Cutters and accessories
• Seal and supplies


Ballpoint Pen

 Ballpoint Pen colors : black, blue, red 0.5 mm

Ballpoint Pens

Retractable Ballpoint Pens Assorted colors

Glue Stick

Glue Stick Cltrl+V g  21 white

Ink Bottle

Ink Bottle Deli 40 ml Color: Blue, Red

Inking stamps Deli

Inking stamps Deli Color: Red, Blue

Letter Opener

Letter Opener Color: silver and gold

Marker endorsement

Marker endorsement 2-5 mm Colors: 6 different colors Pocket clamp

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